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Product sales

Record breaking year with $792,000 in gross sales.  


  • Popcorn product sale: $492,000 sold. 

    • 57 units participated and sold an average of $7,693 each. 

    • Our top 35 selling Scouts sold $2,500+ each – just over $158,000!

  • Jerky product sale: $300,000 sold. 

    • 58 units participated and sold an average of $5,552 each. 

Holiday Auction

Annual Holiday Auction at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium hosted over 300 people and raised over $84,000. The event also recognized the service and dedication of local veterans. 

Local Special Events 

Raised $44,000 net revenue collectively:  

  • Ogden Golf Classic at the Mount Ogden Golf Course 

  • SLC Golf Classic at the Midvale TopGolf 

  • Orem Golf Classic at the Vineyard TopGolf 

  • Long Range Shoot Competition at North Springs Shooting Range in Price 

  • Cache Valley Cast & Blast at Sportsmans Paradise 

Annual Audit

Successful independent audit with no findings. 

Revenue and Expense Figures 


Val & Allison Parrish
Hunsaker Family
Sally Langdon Barefoot Foundation
Michel Foundation

Council Leadership

The Key 3

Chris Killpack

Council President

“Scouting provides youth with an opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. These opportunities not only help them when they are young, but carry forward into their adult lives, improving their relationships, their work lives, their family lives, and the values by which they live.”

Allen Endicott

Scout Executive

"My Scouting journey spans decades, and it has been an extraordinary experience. However, it all commenced with a single Scout leader who served as my inspiration, coupled with our remarkable program. This underscores the idea that Scouting is not merely an activity we engage in; it is an integral part of our identity. It shapes who we are and serves as the defining essence of ourselves.” 

Brett Sutherland

Council Commissioner

“Scouts do many things. They build, they play with purpose, they make friends and work together. They set goals and clear them one by one. They go places—physically, mentally, and spiritually. These experiences—and the confidence they provide—are building blocks in the foundations of life. With these foundations Scouts are prepared to not just overcome obstacles, but to embrace opportunities. For the parents watching in awe, it is not a question of where their Scout will go, but if there is anywhere they can't go."

Committee Chairs:

Treasurer – Lindsey Allen 
Programs – Gary Cole 
Legal Counsel – Kevin Murray 
District Operations – Val Parrish 
Marketing – Ben Taylor 
Finance – James Thayer 
Camps & Properties – David Wadman 
Administration – Randy Watt 
Membership – Ange' Workman 

Administrative Staff:

Director of Field Services – Jacob Bangerter 
Director of Support Services – Joshua Haacke 
Business Manager – Brian Hall 
Camping Director – Jeremy Bell 
Development Director – McKay Allen 
Field Director – John Mills 
Field Director – Terry Richardson 

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